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Inaugural Issue of the WORVPI Email Newsletter!

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Welcome to this, the very first issue, of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI)      Newsletter. We’re extremely excited to introduce this, our newest project to you.

As a motorized recreation enthusiast, we know you’re on the very edge of your seat (no pun intended) anticipating the opening of our all-inclusive, family vacation destination! Your excitement is warranted as Northern Wisconsin is close to becoming a nationally recognized motorized trail riding recreation mecca. It’s important to us that you’re an informed supporter of our Park Project and motorized trail recreation.

Our aim with this newsletter is to provide you with regular updates. We will be using the Newsletter to complement our current communication conduit which includes our web site: www.WORVPI.org, Facebook and Twitter. Current plans are to publish two issues each year. You’ve been patiently waiting information and we appreciate that.

We realize that providing certain information or details about our Park Project would jeopardize project success. You see, you’re not the only one interested in all the details. WORVPI receives requests for our detailed business plans weekly. Federal agencies, state agencies (inside and outside of Wisconsin), private businesses, college students, research/marketing groups and others, regularly contact WORVPI for the research we’ve commissioned. Thanks for your patience!

Over the past months WORVPI has solicited names to add to our mailing lists. You may have filled out a postcard or registered on our website. As a result, this Newsletter was delivered to your email today. If you followed a link from Facebook, Twitter or some other social media to read our Newsletter, you too can be added to our mailing list. Just send us an email, include your name and mailing address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we’ll be sure our next issues arrives in your email immediately after we publish.

If you’re interested in becoming a WORVPI member click either the “Support Us” or “Store” tabs on our website. At the “Store” you can join immediately via PayPal. If you have a group or club and would like your members to be added to our mailing list, we’d love that too. Send your request to WORVPI and we’ll mail you a supply of the aforementioned postcards for you to issue to your members.

Again, thanks for your support of our Park Project. We hope to see you on the trails! Remember, to be safe by always wearing and using the appropriate safety equipment!