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Join and Advocate!

Del Albright
Our good friend and supporter, Del Albright says “Join and Advocate, that’s the two most important things you can do!”

Del states, “Join every group you can afford to join that’s fighting for your rights.”

Every day motorized trails are attacked and threatened with closure. These threats not only come from the usual groups. We all know that the Sierra Club and other environmental groups are working diligently to close public lands and trails. But, other groups (both organized and individuals) are opposed to motorized recreation.

This opposition was obvious by the NIMBY’s (not in my back yard) that the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) ran into with our Park Project. Lies and threats were used to undermine our extremely well researched Park Plan. Individuals had been convinced that huge trucks and motorcycles would be driving past their homes at high rates of speed throwing beer cans and trash in their driveways. Groups and media reported that huge amounts of debt would be added to the already excessive property tax levy. 

The truth is, sound, dust, traffic, and other worries would have been contained within Park boundaries. Cushions and buffer areas were an important part of the Park Plan, and assured that neighbors and residents would not by affected to Park activities. Except, of course, for the increased revenues spent in local businesses by thousands of vacationing families. The financial funding recommended merely took greater advantage of already used funding sources. The use of this financial mechanism would have allowed for the acquisition of 10,000 acres without any increase in payment. You see, payback of the grants are based on timber harvests. These payments already exist and Park development would not have impacted that (except by reducing debt burden through shared Park revenue).

Lastly, “Advocate”! 

When used as a noun, an advocate is a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause. Advocates become champions, supporters, backers, promoters, spokespersons, crusaders, boosters and flag-bearers for motorized trail recreation projects and opportunities. When a verb, advocate is the action of advocating, recommending, supporting, prescribing, advising or urging. 

The key being ACTION.

So, “Join and Advocate!”