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Happy New Year

Last New Year, the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) encouraged you to “make mistakes.” For only by attempting, trying new things, joining new ventures, can you hope to be a catalyst for change. If you attempted this change, you without a doubt made some mistakes. But, you were Doing Something.

Now, with 2016 just beginning, the challenge is to learn from those mistakes and move ahead. You’re wiser and have increased your likelihood for success.

If you didn’t take our advice for 2015, you now have that opportunity. It’s a new year and the hope for changes and improvements abound. But, don’t wait. One of the reasons that snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts are able to enjoy extensive trail riding opportunities here in the Badger State is that they brought about change decades ago.

OHM’s and 4WD’s have not experienced the same boost in trail riding opportunities. In fact, those opportunities have continued to erode (pun intended) and vanish.

You see, the folks that have trails “Joined and Advocated.” They realized that a closed system of trails on private lands could be easily lost. A change in land ownership, or simply a single vote on a city council, county board or tribal council can spell disaster for that access. Thousands of hours of volunteer efforts and untallied dollars can go up in smoke with that one vote.

AWSC & WATVA have worked hard and long first to create and trail funding source, then to develop trails and now fight an on-going battle to preserve those trails and the funding vital to that effort.

Join every group that you can afford. Local, county, state, regional, and national advocacy organizations and fighting to make a difference. But, they need your support!

Del Albright (BlueRibbon Coalition) says, “Join and Advocate, that’s the two most important things you can do!” Make this your New Year’s Resolution!

We, at WORVPI, wish you Happy New Year from the bottom of our hearts. May God give you the happiness and strength to overcome your past year failures.