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Resolution 15 feb 2016

worvpi, small



Whereas the Corporate Mission of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated (WORVPI) is to provide economic development through a recreational venue which educates and encourages the principles of safe and responsible motorized recreation;

Whereas WORVPI has communicated and interacted in good faith with governing bodies in Forest County Wisconsin, and all their respective agencies, in establishment of a Motorized Recreation Area (MRA);

Whereas WORVPI believed in the promising potential for the safe and responsible, development and operation of the aforementioned MRA in Forest County;

Whereas WORVPI had offered a voluntary Charter VIP Pass Program for the sole purpose of generating funding required to introduce and promote the MRA to the public;

Whereas WORVPI believes that further pursuit of any project in Forest County Wisconsin is not representative of the best interests of our membership;

It is therefore RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of WORVPI that the Charter VIP Pass Program be dissolved, and that WORVPI strive in the future to adequately thank those who supported the Program with reward(s) which could include notification of their past support considered a charitable contribution.


Passed unanimously in Pickett, Wisconsin,

on this fifteenth day of February 2016

by the Board of Directors

of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park Incorporated.