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WORVPI Words For Thought

Something new, in this and hopefully future newsletters, is a feature called “The President’s Words for Thought…” The hope is to leave you with a quote to ponder, reflect upon, and just possibly assist you in becoming a stronger motorized recreation trail advocate.

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In July, the WORVPI Phase II Management Team met to discuss a most confusing vote taken by the Forest County Forestry & Recreation Committee.

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Join and Advocate!

Del Albright
Our good friend and supporter, Del Albright says “Join and Advocate, that’s the two most important things you can do!”

Del states, “Join every group you can afford to join that’s fighting for your rights.”

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State Control of Federal Lands

Published with permission of the United Four Wheel Drive Association

There is a campaign by western states to transfer public lands to state control. It is predominately led by the State of Utah, and the campaign is gaining momentum.

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Groups and Partners

The next issue of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc (WORVPI) Newsletter is scheduled for publication on April 1, 2016. If your group is a member of WORVPI or has partnered with WORVPI through the signing of a Memo of Understanding (MOU) here’s an opportunity to have your event promoted in that issue.

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Inaugural Issue of the WORVPI Email Newsletter!

WORVP-V2 logo final

Welcome to this, the very first issue, of the Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI)      Newsletter. We’re extremely excited to introduce this, our newest project to you.

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List of WORVPI Friends Grows

worvpifriendsOur recently launched WORVPI Partners Project in growing a long list of organizations and clubs interested in becoming friends of WORVPI.

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Uniting to Make a Difference

The WORVPI goal of developing a 10,000 acre motorized recreation venue (Park) in Northern Wisconsin would be greatly assisted by the support of motorized recreational groups and individuals. Be a part of something big and partner with WORVPI to accomplish this goal of a nationally renowned place to trail ride and recreate!

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Two 4 the Future

Northern Wisconsin Business Owners! Become a WORVPI member and invest in your future. WORVPI will waive the membership cost for the first year, in 2016 you decide if you would like to continue investing in your future revenue by supporting WORVPI with your continued membership.

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Moving Ahead With PR Campaign

The Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) recently launched our Public Relations Campaign aimed at helping Forest County residents and business owners become more familiar with our Park Project.


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