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Comment Letters

Secretary Stepp (January 6 2016)

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January 6, 2016


Ms Cathy Stepp, Secretary

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

101 South Webster Street

Madison, WI 53707


Dear Secretary Stepp,

The Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI) is a Non-Profit Corporation which is incorporated in the State of Wisconsin. Our Corporate Mission is to assure development of an Off-Road Vehicle Park here in the Badger State. I’d like to make you aware of an opportunity you have been afforded to assure that the recreational desires of hundreds of thousands on Wisconsin residents are met and that millions of dollars in vacation revenues remain here in Wisconsin.

As you may be aware, on June 28th, 2006 the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board issued a directive to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to identify and develop plans for up to three possible Off-Road Vehicle Parks here in Wisconsin. The Department has referred to these parks as Motorized Recreation Areas (MRA’s).

Over the ten years since, relatively little progress has been made by the Department on the MRA Project.

With the retirements of Dan Schuller and Peter Biermeier, the Department has an opportunity to fill these vacancies within the Parks and Trails Recreation Area with personnel more driven to complete this project.

On behalf of WORVPI, and motorized trail enthusiasts throughout the state, I urge you to strongly consider filling both these vacancies with individuals who bring experience in motorized trail recreation development to the Department.


Thanks for your consideration of this letter and your anticipated desire to expand motorized recreational trail riding opportunities for the nearly two million

Wisconsin residents whom enjoy these family activities. Should you desire to discuss this issue, please contact me at your convenience.


Happy Trails,

John G Schnorr, MBA


Wisconsin Off-Road Vehicle Park, Inc. (WORVPI)


Cc: Representative Alvin Ott

     Representative Jeffrey Mursau

     Representative Romaine Quinn

     Senator Robert Cowles

     Senator Frank Lasee

     Laurie Ross

     Deputy Secretary Kurt Thiede