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WORVPI Update (9/29/15)

There are still no details for non-support by the Forest County Forestry & Recreation Committee for their proposed amendments to their 15 Year Comprehensive Forest Management Plan. Nor any explanation one their decision to recommend acquiring a 3200 acre parcel which WORVPI has identified as the proposed site for our Forest County Off-Road Park Project. After repeated assurances that the county would take no actions to obstruct Park development, WORVPI is again perplexed by the actions from this committee. Again, county residents and taxpayers are entitled to an explanation how this land (which the Forestry & Recreation Committee previously stated had no timber value and did not fit into their acquisition plans), now suddenly has been identified for acquisition. The taxpayers remain entitled to and in want of an explanation of these actions taken by a renegade committee.

So, the MRA Park Project continues to remain an undecided issue for the Forest County Board of Supervisors.

WORVPI continues to recruit and accept motorized recreation user groups to jointly sign an MOU. The groups entering into a MOU are placed on our Partner’s List (much like “Friends of Groups”) and have realized that a Motorized Recreation Area (MRA) will never become a reality without the active support of these user groups. Simply waiting for Our Park to open and then jumping onboard with support is not being a responsible advocate for motorized trail recreation.

If your group or club is interested in volunteer opportunities/partnering contact WORVPI at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.

For more information on all things WORVPI visit www.WORVPI.org, or visit us on Facebook.

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