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Weekly updates

WORVPI Update (6/29/15)

The WORVPI Phase II Management Team met last week. Phase II Management Team Members, like our Directors, are non-paid volunteers. They receive no compensation for their time and professional expertise. WORVPI would like to again thank all our volunteers for the commitment to our projects and their dedication to growing local economies in Northern Wisconsin.

Survey results shared at the WORVPI Annual Membership Meeting (Survey) revealed a desire to improve communications with our members. Part of that improvement includes an expansion of our presence in Social Media. Last week WORVPI participated in a Webinar presented by Twitter focusing on techniques to better enhance our business presence.

WORVPI’s 3rd Direct Mailing went out last week. We focused on presenting an aerial photo of a MRA Park. The concept of a MRA Park is greatly misunderstood by the public. This ignorance allows the NIMBY’s to continue their presentation of lies regarding our Park Project. An off-road park is not a wild, free-for-all. In fact, environmental impact is reduced when proper planning goes into recreational trail development. The piece is available for review on our web site.

WORVPI continues to recruit and accept motorized recreation user groups to jointly sign a MOU. The groups entering into a MOU are placed on our Partner’s List (much like “Friends of Groups”) and have realized that a Motorized Recreation Area (MRA) will never become a reality without the active support of these user groups. Simply waiting for Our Park to open and then jumping onboard with support is not being a responsible advocate for motorized trail recreation.

If your group or club is interested in volunteer opportunities/partnering contact WORVPI at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.

For more information on all things WORVPI visit www.WORVPI.org, or visit us on Facebook.

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