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Weekly updates

WORVPI Update (5/11/15)

Last week the WORVPI Phase II Management Team met in Crandon, Wisconsin. Action items included review of all WORVPI Projects currently in development.

MRA Park amendments to the Forest County 15 Year Forest Management Plan were reviewed and discussed at length by the Forestry and Recreation Committee last week. The Committee then referred the amendments to the County’s Corporate Counsel for further review and edit. WORVPI remains optimistic that the Committee will be capable of completing their review in time to allow for their previously scheduled public information and comment meeting on June 2, 2015 at 6:00pm in the County Board Room of the Courthouse in Crandon.

The working documents associated to the proposed amendments are available for review on the WORVPI Web Site. WORVPI is hopeful that we will be able to also post the final proposed amendments prior to their June public hearing.

WORVPI continues to recruit and accept motorized recreation user groups to jointly sign a MOU. The groups entering into a MOU are placed on our Partner’s List (much like “Friends of Groups”) and have realized that a Motorized Recreation Area (MRA) will never become a reality without the active support of these user groups. Simply waiting for Our Park to open and then jumping onboard with support is not productive, nor being a responsible advocate for motorized recreation.

If your group or club is interested in volunteer opportunities/partnering contact WORVPI at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for information.

The WORVPI Annual Corporate Membership Meeting will be held on May 16th (Crandon Best Western). All WORVPI Members are welcome to attend this annual informational update.

For more information on all things WORVPI visit www.WORVPI.org, or visit us on Facebook.

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